The home workout app for lazy people

Slowly but surely build the habits you need to reach your goals

Here’s how it works

Exercise for a few minutes every day

Get great results

Get the advice and motivation you need

Track your progress

Customize your workout

Make it yours

Videos to help you get started

Easy Abs comes with videos for the build in exercises to make getting started easier

Facts & Questions

Why isn’t this app free?

Unlike other apps that will try to force an unnecessary subscription model, sell your data or bombard you with ads, Easy Abs opts for a more honest business model where you pay once and you get everything forever.

What devices does this run on?

The app works on any iOS device running iOS 12 or newer.

Is my data private?

Everything you do in this app is saved locally on the device so it’s 100% private.

Can this app actually help?

It's important to understand that there are no shortcuts, and this app will help you build the habits you need to get fit, and understand your body better with estimates for suggested daily calories, body fat % and more. But you have to stick to the routine and try to do a bit of exercising every day.